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Sunday, 15 January 2017

Birthrights' letter to NMC and the RCM's

It is such a shame that we need an organisation like Birthrights in the UK in 2017 but need it we do.  They have written to Jackie Smith, CEO of the Nursing and Midwifery (sic) Council and their excellent letter can be read on their website

That a human rights organisation has to write to our professional "regulator" to plead the case of pregnant women is an absolute disgrace.  Can there be any doubt in anyone's mind now that midwifery is not safe as long as it is controlled (a much better word for what is going on than "regulated") by the NMC?

The RCM MUST lead from the front and initiate a relentless and extensive campaign to achieve separate regulation for midwives.   It cannot stand by, taking over £20 a month from the midwives of this country, and let this relentless destruction of midwifery go on.  If the NMC were interested in the well-being of women and babies, it would look at the extensive evidence-base on the safety of midwifery care and act to consolidate and strengthen the profession, not undermine it at every opportunity.

Unfortunately there is NOTHING on the RCM website about this, never mind a copy of their letter (presumably they have written one) to the NMC.  Nor have they sent out an email briefing the profession on their position.  Come on RCM, stick your head above the parapet!

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