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Sunday, 23 March 2014

Freebirthing? - AIMS devotes its latest journal to Freebirth.

The Association for Improvements in Maternity Services (AIMS - see links to right) has devoted its latest journal (Vol 25, No 4) to Freebirth and an excellent volume it is too.  Articles include why women choose freebirth, the concept of undisturbed birth, the "latent" stage of labour, the efficacy or otherwise of antenatal care, social services and freebirth, the legality of freebirth, and four in-depth accounts from women who have given free birth.

What struck me about the birth accounts was the slow, gentle, and undulating nature of undisturbed labour - the pattern of physiological labour written about here shows little in common with the regimes imposed by hospital policies and obstetric doctrine.

If you are considering freebirth or your friend, sister, daughter is doing so, then get hold of this journal and enjoy the read.  It has a huge amount of information in its 28 pages.

To buy a copy, visit the AIMS site via the link on this page, go to the Journal page, find vol 25 no 4 and click on the "buy this journal" option, or find it on the publications order page.

image of Journal Vol 25, No 4