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Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Undercover Midwife's Hats for Babies Campaign

The same advice albeit for different reasons goes for winter too.  Here is a link to a simple autumn/winter bonnet that you may enjoy making for your little person. 
Thanks to Carol for supplying the e-address.
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Oh dear, oh dear I am in moaning old bag mode here, be warned!  My grouse is about the number of babies and toddlers who go hatless in hot weather. 

Thin skulls, soft fontanelles, no or next-to-no hair and full hot sun shining on their little heads!  Babies and toddlers who are not protected from the sun are at risk of sunstroke and that is a serious condition.  A hat is an absolute must, no baby or toddler should be out in hot sun without head protection.  Last week, hatless babies of just a few weeks old were being exposed to sun and temperatures in the high 20s almost everywhere I looked. 

If you must take your baby out in the sun:

  • Always have your baby shaded - you can use a sheet or wrap over her pram to protect her.
  • Ensure that all exposed skin is covered, either by lightweight, loose-fitting clothing or with the shade cast by a wide brimmed hat or bonnet.
  • Try to keep your baby in the shade when you take him outside.
  • Check to make sure that your baby's staying cool during car rides. 
  • Give your baby more breastfeeds or fluids than usual on hot days.
  • Protect the parts of your baby's skin that can't be covered with a suitable sunscreen (though it is best to protect using the steps above).
Here are some links to some sunhats you can knock up in a jiffy!

and a link to a good website with advice re sunstroke -

No ifs, no buts, put a hat on your baby.  And pass on the message!