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Sunday, 10 February 2013

Welcome to The Undercover Midwife's blog.

Welcome to my blog which is primarily for women making radical and difficult choices in the face of the demise of independent midwifery, the absence of services that meet their needs and preferences, and the inability of maternity services to approach birth from other than a medical viewpoint.

I am a midwife with more than 30 years experience and believe women and families need support to give birth and raise their babies within the context of their lives, relationships, beliefs and path through life.  Homebirth, attachment parenting, a community and familial approach to birth such as local birth centres and breastfeeding support, and the right to choose and get to know your birth attendant(s) are all important to me.  

Many women are choosing to "freebirth" too, often as a last resort rather than a first preference, though this choice is also a positive one for many too.  I hope that this blog will enable me to give some e-midwifery support to freebirthing women especially, and enable us to explore issues together.

Below is a link to an Australian news item:

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  1. Great blog... I haven't been here for a while! - I'll be back! Excited to see a link to mine! -Link not working though (maybe a hitch on my computer??)