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Friday, 19 August 2016

The toxicity of too much NHS midwifery

Have yet again been hearing a dreadful tale of prolonged and persistent bullying of someone who just wanted to be a good midwife and care for women and babies.  Sadly she is no longer working as a midwife.  

I know this isn't solely a UK phenomenon - I have heard similar tales from Australia, and there are many well-known cases from eastern Europe - but I have known so many excellent midwives over the last, I reckon, 30 years who have been persecuted and treated most unfairly.  Basically it seems to boil down to having to curtail and control any midwife who is not satisfied with the lowest common denominator regarding care but wants more than that for women.

Of course it doesn't happen everywhere or to every good midwife, but it happens too often to too many.  The effects are threefold - firstly it destroys too many of the midwives we need, secondly it acts as a warning to anyone else with passion and a commitment to excellence and woman-focused care, and thirdly it creates a residual community of powerful corporate "midwives" who have come to dominate too many services in this country.  Ever ready to do their Trust's and the NHS's bureaucratic bidding, offer a dull menu of de-personalised screening and checking in lieu of woman-focused care, and be seen to be super-processors of women through their mediocre services, these corporate whores have sold out and expect everyone else to buckle down and do the same.  They are in all units, we all know who they are, slithering their way up the greasy pole, passionless, dried up, and often downright unpleasant to students, women and any true midwife unfortunate enough to be allocated to their area.  And I think it's getting worse.

UM is sick of 'em!!! 


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