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Friday, 15 July 2016

Relationships: the pathway to safe, high-quality maternity care

An absolutely fantastic little report on the benefits of continuity of care for mothers, the service, midwives, families, society has been put together by a small working group in memory of Sheila Kitzinger.  A pdf can be downloaded from:

There are some great infographics and lots of quotes from women and midwives about the experience of continuity of care, as well as a resume of the evidence and references, and suggestions for future research.  

This is a brilliant introduction to continuity of care that can be used in discussion with policy makers, local health trusts and CCGs, and among student midwives, midwives, and service-users - every politician and civil servant in the DoH should be sent a copy, as well as every CCG chairperson!  It would also usefully inform discussion in non-UK settings.  

A fitting tribute to Sheila Kitzinger, well done to its authors.

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