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Thursday, 24 October 2013

Birth as we know it - a film about oxytocin

I have just watched a birth film that I love (although I loved the previous version called Birth into Being more)It is filmed mainly in Russia and what is so lovely about this film is you can almost see oxytocin, it is visible in the faces and expressions of the women filmed, it is almost palpable.  I wish they would show this sort of film more on TV.   

Oxytocin - the hormone that makes life possible, that makes us all tick, that makes the world go round, that mediates love and happiness - it really warrants a whole David Attenborough series, especially as other mammals show its importance too. Oxytocin is excreted by the posterior pituitary gland in situations of calm, joy, relaxation, love, sexual stimulation etc.  But it almost seems to me that is is a physical outpouring of our soul life.  It helps build the soul forces of our children too, in labour, at birth, and during breastfeeding.

For anyone who doubt the impact that good oxytocin secretion has, Birth As We Know It will soon put you right!!

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