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Thursday, 14 February 2013

Postpartum haemorrhage

A review of 273,872 births by a team at the University of Southampton has shown that the rate of PPH is lower for women having homebirths, and concludes that the excess PPHs in hospital births is in part caused by medical intervention (e.g. use of syntocinon to speed labour, episiotomies, Caesarean sections).

The researchers advise "Women and their partners should be advised that the risk of PPH is higher among births planned to take place in hospital compared to births planned to take place at home."

And this is despite there being likely to be more physiological third stages at homebirths!  Once again, a clear demonstration that women's bodies nearly always do the job best if left to get on with it in their own time in a supportive and calm environment, and the hospital maternity services are unable, for the most part, to improve on physiology. 

The article can be found here:

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